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Software developers in the Aerospace Domain encounter a range of painful issues during the development process. 

Challenges in Aerospace Software Development

Software development in the aerospace domain presents a unique set of challenges due to the critical nature of the applications, safety concerns, and stringent regulations.

To address these challenges, aerospace software developers typically follow rigorous development processes, quality assurance methods, and rely on specialized tools and expertise to ensure the safety, reliability, and compliance of their software. Collaboration with other engineering disciplines, such as mechanical and electrical engineering, is also essential to ensure the seamless integration of software into complex aerospace systems.

Here is an Approximation of How Much Each Issue Can Be Resolved

Safety and Reliability  

Utilize robust software engineering practices. Implement redundancy and fault-tolerant design. Employ thorough testing, including simulation and formal verification.

Certification and Compliance  

Follow industry-specific standards, such as DO-178C. Maintain meticulous documentation to demonstrate compliance. Engage in rigorous internal and external audits.

Hardware Constraints  

Optimize code for efficiency and resource usage. Consider hardware upgrades if necessary to meet requirements.

Environmental Factors    

Perform environmental testing and hardening of components. Consider using radiation-hardened hardware where necessary.

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•Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates: 
Mend (or Mender) is an open-source solution for managing OTA updates in embedded systems. It enables embedded software teams to deliver updates and patches to devices in the field, ensuring devices remain secure and up-to-date.
•Rollback and Monitoring:
Mend offers features for monitoring the status of devices in the field and provides the ability to rollback updates if issues are detected, a critical capability in embedded systems where failed updates can have severe consequences.
•Security and Authentication: 
Mend focuses on security and offers features for secure updates and device authentication, essential for protecting against unauthorized updates and maintaining system integrity in embedded environments.


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Implement an effective and secure over-the-air (OTA) update system, including digital signatures, encryption, and rollback mechanisms, and integrate OTA management into your CI/CD pipeline

Explore legacy system migration strategies, modularization, and containerization to modernize and maintain legacy systems while adopting modern DevSecOps practices.

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