21 questions CTO might consider

Regarding the Shift Left approach in DevSecOps

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Ankur Mehrotra is an IITian, a dynamic serial entrepreneur, a seasoned software architect, thought leader with over 25 years of experience in the industry. He is an acclaimed author, known for his inspirational journey and transformative insights. Renowned for his innovative insights and practical strategies, Ankur has become a driving force in the realm of modern software development methodologies.

With a keen eye for emerging trends and a passion for efficiency, Ankur has dedicated his career to empowering development teams to embrace cutting-edge practices. His expertise lies in the intersection of technology and process optimization, and he has successfully guided numerous organizations through transformative shifts in their software development approaches.

With his wealth of experience and knowledge, Ankur’s e-books on “Powerful Questions to Ask” serves as a comprehensive guide for teams looking to adopt the Shift Left approach. Through his e-book, Ankur is inviting readers to embark on a journey towards enhanced efficiency, reduced defects, and accelerated time-to-market, ushering in a new era of software development excellence.

Currently serving as a founder at Meteonic, Ankur plays a pivotal role in enabling clients to optimize proposed solutions, empowering stakeholders with knowledge, and successfully closing WIN-WIN deals. Meteonic, under his leadership, has garnered recognition, being featured on CNBC.

Ankur's entrepreneurial journey includes eight years at Motorola (1999-2007), where he filed four patents and contributed significantly to global standards in the mobile multimedia domain.

In the jungle of modern business, Ankur's company stands out as a guide for organizations aspiring to emulate the lion's approach—sleeping for 20 hours, working for 4 hours, and still reigning as the king of the jungle. Specializing in automation and integration solutions, Ankur's company simplifies the intricate software development process across SDLC, helping clients in Telecom, Automotive, Defence, Aerospace, and Healthcare achieve the lion's share of the business. Ankur is a seasoned professional in the art of securing the code and ensuring business success.

Meteonic portfolio consists of over 300+ esteemed clients in India. Notable clients such as Mercedes, ABB, CISCO, LG, ISRO, BARC, Accenture, IBM, TCS, WIPRO, Infosys, CAIR, DRDO, among others, attest to Ankur's expertise and his company's impact on the industry. Meteonic’s unique offering lies in the ability to think and act from a 360-degree perspective. Having firsthand experience enables themselves to ensure they have deep understanding of the pain points and challenges faced by the software community.

Ankur's multifaceted roles across SDLC enable him to keep both business and end-user needs in mind, providing a distinct edge in the rapidly evolving digital revolution within the IT industry. His expertise is complemented by the utilization of cutting-edge tools and technologies from world’s best deep tech products.

Ankur Mehrotra's multifaceted experience and commitment to knowledge-sharing make him a sought-after speaker at conferences and industry events. Ankur continues to inspire and guide software development communities worldwide.

Ankur Mehrotra's narrative is one of strategic brilliance. His story, both inspirational and pragmatic, resonates with those looking to navigate the complexities of the modern business jungle and emerge as kings in their respective domains.