How a Global Monitor Manufacturer's Quest for a Better Solution Led to Success

Nov 08, 2023 |

However, a significant change in the company's structure opened up an opportunity. The organization was facing two major challenges

Building Credibility: How a Global Monitor Manufacturer's Quest for a Better Solution Led to Success

Most of the time, we are running behind leads, eager to generate new prospects for our products and services. But what if the leads started coming to us, driven by the credibility we've built in the marketplace? Imagine a scenario where potential clients seek you out, asking for your solution because they believe in your expertise. Today, we're sharing a real success story that exemplifies this scenario.

One of the world's leading monitor and LCD TV manufacturers had been using a competitive product for static code analysis for many years. They were content with their existing solution, and even though there was a better product available, they remained loyal to their current choice for various reasons.

However, a significant change in the company's structure opened up an opportunity. The organization was facing two major challenges that their existing tool couldn't address effectively, and this prompted them to seek an alternative solution.

Challenge 1: Escaped Defects

The first challenge they faced was the occurrence of escaped defects, even after using the competitive tool. These defects were slipping through the cracks and making their way into the market. The consequences of escaped defects were severe, not just in terms of cost but also reputation. Each product recall due to defects cost the company significantly, with expenses often exceeding 40 times the original production cost. It was a critical issue they could not afford to overlook. To make matters worse, each product recall tarnished their reputation. The company needed a tool that could identify defects that their existing solution was missing.

Challenge 2: Global Licensing

The second challenge stemmed from the company's organizational restructuring. The team had become global, with members located in various parts of the world. Unfortunately, their current tool's licensing was geographically restricted. This limitation created hurdles for their global team as the licenses were specific to particular geographic locations. They needed a tool that offered more flexible, globally feasible licensing options.

In response to these challenges, they turned to us for help, and we provided them with a top-tier static code analysis solution that had over 200 patents in the field. Our tool not only identified the defects that the competition's tool missed but also proved to be easily deployable, much like the tool they were accustomed to.

The benefits they reaped from this transition were substantial:

1. Rectifying Solutions During Development: Our tool was effective at identifying defects during the development phase itself, which was a major improvement over their previous solution. By spotting issues as they wrote the source code, their team could address them immediately, reducing the chances of defects reaching the production stage.

2. Simplified and Intuitive User Interface Dashboard: The user-friendly interface and clear reporting of our tool made it easier for their team to identify and fix defects. The tool provided the information they needed upfront, streamlining the entire process.

3. Geographic Independence for Licensing: Our tool offered licensing that was not bound by geography, a feature that greatly benefited their global team.

4. Cost Savings and Enhanced Productivity: The adoption of our solution led to substantial cost savings, reduced effort, and increased overall productivity.

5. Boosted Developer Productivity: With the defects under control, the company's developers could focus on other critical aspects, such as new features, functionalities, product roadmaps, and on-time delivery. They were no longer consumed by firefighting issues that could be effectively addressed by the static code analysis solution they had implemented.

This success story highlights the power of finding the right solution that not only addresses existing challenges but also opens doors to increased productivity, cost savings, and, most importantly, a boost in reputation. When credibility in the marketplace attracts leads, it can lead to exceptional outcomes and a more seamless development process.

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